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3 tips for a busy mama at the start of a fitness journey!

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

My tips for the Busy mama's starting out are simple.

Prepare yourself to squeeze it in, and don't set yourself up for failure!

1. Everyone can manage 15 minutes.

Prioritize 15 minutes each day to get a workout in, and know that you are going to give it your all for that 15 minutes.

In the beginning of a fitness journey its about consistency and making sure you stick to what you are starting. If 30 minutes is unrealistic to you - don't set yourself up for failure.

Start at a goal you know you can achieve!

My number one tip would be to pick a form of exercise that you LOVE and do that. You wont stick to boxing if you HATE boxing. Do Yoga, Pilates, Swimming, Walking or Weight training. Find your LOVE and stay there. Its about MOVING YOUR BODY!

2. Try and do it with the kids.

If the kids don't sleep, let them join you.

Involve them, either as a weight (hold your baby) or for toddlers - they LOVE to learn squats and over head presses!

Trust me - I have so many kids come through my studio, and they LOVE the "exercise lady".

3. Invest in a professional

Yes, I know, clearly that's me.

But I am talking about ANYONE.

Make sure your getting support, guidance and help with your barriers!

There is nothing worth more than your health!

If you have a goal, find someone who will coach you to it!

APPS are great, but they don't support you with love and care. I love to know and understand each client, so that I can truly help them with their journey around lifestyle factors!

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