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Hey crew, wow what a few weeks we have had here in SA!

We are now on day 4 of Isolation at our house. For myself and the kids.

Sam is still working hard - which we are lucky for, as apart from my online training clients, I will be off work until gyms and sporting facilities re-open, and small gatherings are allowed again.

I am sending love to all those affected by the COVID-19 virus. I give you a HUGE VIRTUAL HUG!

Staying home within the gates is rough, and just personally, I HATE CRAFTS, but what else can you do???

I thought id share the promises I made to myself, and hope they may help you create your own to-do lists and potentially get you through the days slightly easier!

I have been creating a checklist each day, but this week it has looked like this :

- Start the day with BREAKFAST, COFFEE and the kids watch some TV -

1. A Home - Studio Workout - Kids play around me with whatever toys they choose to bring out, or they are on the trampoline, play kitchen, or attempting my exercises. #haha

2. A inside Craft of any kind. I usually scroll through Instagram accounts and find something we have the things for already at home! This is something I hate to do, but Rayne loves it!!

3. Sadie's Nap - Rayne's quiet Movie Time - My Online Program Work.

4. A WALK in the pram around the surrounding streets. Yesterday i collected leaves for the kids to paint later on in the day.

5. Outdoor activity - this is either painting, or water play. Something messy.

6. Filling the gaps with just being in the sunshine, absorbing that gorgeous Vit D, or even a drive in the car. I took them past the beach at the start of the week (not out the car) and this weekend I thought about driving past the parked planes at the airport!

TBH I am also considering adopting a kitten. #probswill

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